Working while the kiddo is sick…

Today was kind of a tough one for me. Yesterday I got to stay home with Miss A while she was sick. Yesterday she woke up running a fever with a bad cough, so we stayed home and watched movies and ate soup and snuggled. She usually bounces back quickly, so I was kind of surprised when she was still sick today. I only have one sick day left until August, so in the interest of saving it, Mr. Dad took over and stayed home.

So naturally, being a mom, I worried about Miss A all day.

She was fine. When I walked in the door she shouted, “Mommy! You’re home!” Would you believe I actually got a hug and a kiss? TWO kisses? She is normally so reserved with her affection that I was really pleasantly surprised.

It’s not that I don’t trust Mr. Dad to take care of her…quite the contrary, he’s really quite an awesome dad and I wouldn’t trust her with anyone else. It’s just the feeling that I wasn’t fully there for her that left me feeling kind of sad. She’s doing much better…running a low fever and still has a cough but better. (The after hours pediatrician is getting a call tomorrow if she’s STILL feverish, though!) They had a great day together, evidenced by the arts and crafts supplies strewn about the house and the mountain of toys and books we cleaned up before bedtime.

It’s just that mom guilt. She hardly ever gets sick, and this was the first time I’ve had to be at work while she was home sick. And it was tough to be away from her.

My poor sick baby, sleeping, being comforted by Mindy. From my day at home with her.



  1. That picture is soo precious! I hope that she is feeling better!

  2. Hope your daughter is feeling better.

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  4. Aww your little one is adorable!

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  6. Poor baby…Hope she's feeling better~New follower via GFC found you on the Weekend Blog Hop~Shari

  7. Glad she is starting to get better.
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  8. Awww………
    Visiting from the blog hop. So nice to meet you. Hope you are enjoying your weekend despite having a sick sweetie.

  9. Hi, found you through Weekend Blog Hop. I’m happy to be your new follower.

    I know how you feel about having to work when the kids are sick. I'm glad you got 2 kisses!!

    Yoli 🙂
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  10. The Mom Guilt – we know it all too well and it can certainly eat away at you when we feel we are not doing the right thing by our kiddos! You did what you had to do today & she was in good hands! I can imagine how much you were thinking about her! Hope she is feeling better – nothing is worse than a sick lil one!

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  11. Mom guilt- that has been the topic around my household lately. I feel guilty over everything ALL the time. I think it is the guilt that drives us to be great mothers! My 2 year old lil girl sucks her thumb also- so sweet.
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  13. Awwww. You really shouldn't feel guilty, though. You have a great husband who is a 100% hands on dad and knows how to take care of his little girl. Sometimes I feel bad because I DON'T have mom's guilt when the kids are home with Brian, but I know they have their daddy and he is just as good as mommy. 🙂 (well, most of the time LOL)

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