What I Love About Being a Working Mom

I’ve just returned to work after having a week off, and I have to admit, in spite of the fact that we moved, and Miss A went to daycare for a couple of days that week so we could move, I thoroughly enjoyed my week of being a “stay at home mom”.

That’s not to say I lamented returning to work this morning. While the idea of being a stay at home mom sounds really great, the reality of it is probably much different. It’s one of those, “the grass is always greener” situations.

While there are definite benefits to both sides of the stay at home/working mom fence, and neither one is better than the other (I think that stay at home moms are also working moms who just happen to be underpaid!), I have to say that, while I love being home with my daughter, I also love being a working mom and wouldn’t change that arrangement.

I started thinking today all the things I love about being a working mom (that’s not to say that some of these can’t apply to stay at home moms though). Here’s a few of my own – feel free to comment and share yours!

    • Contributing to the family income.


    • Maintaining a “me” identity (other than “wife” and “mom”).


    • Adult interaction for the win!


    • The look on my daughter’s face when I pick her up from daycare.


    • Making the best of each moment together because I know our time is short.


    • Feeling productive and fulfilled (though being a mom is more fulfilling than anything).


    • Seeing the “friendships” my daughter has made (as much as a 13-month old can make friends).


    • Setting the example for my daughter that it is possible to balance a happy work life and a happy family life.



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