Two years ago today…

…was my last day of work as a non-mom. I was 39 weeks and 5 days pregnant.

It’s funny, I remember so very little about that day. I know we went in for our final NST that day. I know I had been having contractions off and on that entire week and had been hoping, hoping, hoping that I would just go into labor. I was tired of being ordered off my feet by the doctor, tired of being in pain, and just tired in general. (I was never one of those pregnant ladies who couldn’t sleep…I could have slept all day, every day!) I know we went out for dinner that night. I ate spicy food and seafood. Ahh, old wives tales. We walked around Target. (Against doctor’s wishes!) We bought Miss A’s laundry basket that day. The cashier asked when I was due. Then asked if I was having triplets. (Yep, she bypassed the twins and went right to triplets. THANKS LADY!)

I didn’t go into full blown labor. I woke up on the 28th, the day of my scheduled induction, having more regular contractions. I had been at 2 CM after the NST the day before so I was SURE things were about to get going.

Admitted that night at 6pm for the induction. Still at 2 CM. Rats.

Miss A was born on the 29th.

It’s surreal to think that I’m now coming up on that two year mark. That little baby I lugged around in my belly for nine months…which feels like it was just yesterday…is no longer a little baby. She’s a little girl. A smart little girl who makes me proud every day.

I am such a sucker for nostalgia. 🙂



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