Tuesday Timesavers: Online Grocery Shopping

tuesday timesaversTuesday Timesavers is back with another way that moms like you can save time!

This week, we’re looking at places to do your grocery shopping online.  In fact, there are a handful of websites dedicated to doing just that!

For example, if you live in the northeast, Peapod.com doubles as an alternative to Stop and Shop.  In order to maximize quality and freshness, they package your products at the last possible minute and ship in temperature controlled containers to keep the perishables cold. They are also currently offering free shipping on certain orders, and you can schedule a delivery window that works for you. As far as I can tell from the site, as long as you order by 4 p.m., your order can be delivered the next day. Peapod also delivers to other areas of the country, so check the site to see if your area is included in the list!

If you don’t live in an area that Peapod.com can deliver to, you can opt for Netgrocer.com, which delivers to all 50 states. Like Peapod.com, they can deliver perishables and frozen products in temperature controlled containers. Their delivery schedule is published on their site, and they use a FedEx shipping method that does not require you to be home to receive the delivery. The delivery process takes a little longer with Netgrocer.com…about 3-7 days.

Another alternative is Amazon.com, who started selling groceries a few years ago. Delivery is available in all 50 states and shipping times and rates vary. I found it hard to find details on how they keep products fresh while they’re on the way to you, though.

Finally, if you just need baby products delivered, you might try something like Diapers.com. (Use coupon code ANCA7897 to save $10 on your first $49 purchase – and for the sake of disclosure, I do get a referral bonus if you use that code.) They sell everything from diapers and wipes to formula to bottles, toys, clothing, and other baby gear and boast quick shipping. (And sometimes it’s free!)

All product reviews in this post are the writer’s opinion and have not been paid for or compensated, except where noted for Diapers.com. 


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