Returning to normal…

After a couple of crazy fun weeks with vacationing and visitors, we’re finally back to a normal routine this week! And I’m glad for it. I loved our vacation, but I really love the comfort of the day-to-day schedule.

Yesterday, Mr. Dad told me that Miss A has had a rough couple of mornings, crying when he dropped her off at school, so I took her this morning so I could try and see what might have been causing the trouble.

As we’re walking to her classroom, she says to me, “I cried yesterday because I didn’t want Daddy to drop me off, I only want YOU to drop me off, and daddy can pick me up.” So I guess that explains it? Either way, she was happy as could be when I dropped her off today.

After I left the classroom, I lurked around the corner for a minute so I could see if she would ease into the day’s activities after I left. Sure enough, she took a minute to get her bearings and then sat down on the floor next to her friend W and said, “Hi W! I missed you!” How sweet!

I have a lot of friends whose kids are starting Kindergarten this week and next. How can that be? How did our babies get so big? How is it possible that this time next year, MY baby will be a kindergartener? I am so proud of her…but I sure do wish I could slow down time.

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