Petition to End Working Mom Guilt

I’ve read a lot of mommy blogs lately about the guilt surrounding being a working mom. Having been there myself when I first returned to work after Miss A was born, I understand why it happens. You return to work, people ask you why, they ask you how you can stand leaving your child to be “raised by someone else” (ugh), why doesn’t your husband earn enough that you can stay home, or worst of all, why are you so selfish that you want to return to work (yes, selfish for wanting to provide for your family).

I say – enough! I say we end this guilt! We as moms (and face it, even stay at home moms are still truly working moms at heart) get enough criticism and ridicule regardless of our parenting choices. I refuse to continue feeling guilty for being a working mom – a “choice” that I felt was best for both me and my family. (I place choice in quotations because in many cases, it’s not a choice, it’s a necessity.)

Besides, would anyone say these things to a father who “chose” to return to work? (I’m sure that men get even more flack for being “stay at home dads” than men who “choose” to return to work).

Anyone else with me?


  1. Great post! I totally agree! Motherhood is tough enough without other people questioning and judging mothers.

  2. I'm with you. We shouldn't feel guilty for the choices we make. We're doing the best we can for our families and people should recognize that. It's just like people who jump on the negative bandwagon for moms who choose formula. (i know, a whole different topic) Why should we have to lay out personal information to strangers to justify why we do what we do.


  3. We're in. Yo!

  4. I've been home with my kids since my first, we have 3. We were very fortunate to have that option and my husband worked very very hard in order to keep it that way. I work from home now running a family biz and would not trade that for anything! Those family's who have to or choose to work out side of the home have made that commitment and it does not tarnish their parenting style! As long as you are a committed parent and provide the best for each and every one of your babies, criticism would be better served to those who choose not to be GOOD COMMITTED parents! Staying home with your babe is not for everyone, I know wonderful women who love and cherish their kids and work out side of the home because it makes them a better parent because they are happy to go to work. And even those who do it because they have too…..good children are raised by good people.

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