The Best Part of the Day

One of the questions I ask Miss A daily, as part of our “end of the day” routine is, “What was the best part of your day?” Only, I don’t always save it for the end of the day. Sometimes, I ask it throughout the day, like, “What’s been the best part of your day so far?”

I find that, no matter what we’ve done during the day, whatever we’re doing right then is the best part of the day.

Example: We had just come back from one of her friend’s birthday parties — which was amazing! An hour and a half of bouncy house fun followed by cake and ice cream! We got home, and went outside to blow bubbles, and during a moment to breathe, I ask, “What’s been the best part of your day so far?”

“Blowing bubbles with Mommy!” she replies.

Later this evening, after going to the grocery store and having dinner, we headed to the park for some playtime. After the park, we stopped for ice cream, and I asked her what was her favorite part of the day.

“Eating ice cream!” she replies.

Then, as I’m rubbing her back after reading bedtime stories, I ask her what her favorite thing was about the day.

“Snuggling with mommy,” she replies.

I feel like there’s a lesson to be learned there. Four-year-olds have such a zest for life that whatever they’re doing at any given time is the best thing ever. When do we lose that? What if we still had the mindset that right now is the best part of our day?

Champagne Taste

My girl has it.

Last Friday I took her out to dinner for a mommy/daughter date, and afterward, we went to Sears to look for some summery clothes for the trip we’re taking at the end of the month. On the way out, she noticed a table of perfumes — and singled out a bottle of Coach Poppy.

“Mmmm! This smells good, Mommy! Smell it!” she said, lifting the tester up to her nose. And so I did. And then I coaxed her over to the cash register so we could pay for our purchases and leave.

As we’re walking out, we walk past the table with the Coach perfumes again.

“Mommy? Can we buy that next time we’re here?” she asked. I crouched down next to her and pointed to the sign.

“That says $65. Do you have $65?” I asked.
She shook her head.
“Here, why don’t I put just a tiny bit on you so you can enjoy it for now? $65 is a lot of money!” I said and sprayed a bit of the tester on her tiny wrist.

She was overjoyed.

The next day we went to Target as a family, and I was relaying the above story to Mr. Dad. She was listening intently and looking up at me with those beautiful brown eyes and I said, jokingly, “You’re going to need to marry a rich man!”

And what did my little princess reply?

“Yes! I’m going to marry a rich man! Like DADDY!”

I think we both simultaneously busted a gut laughing.
(And I fear for her future boyfriends!)

Miss A’s First Blizzard

About two weeks ago, we got hit by a blizzard named Nemo, which dropped about 24 inches of snow on us over a 12 hour period. We were literally snowed in from the front — the snow was piled up so high in front of our front door that we couldn’t open it. Fortunately, we could get out the back, and so we had a little fun!

While we were waiting for the snow to stop, though, we had to make do with what we had in the house and had a little fun there…

We painted pictures


And played with castles



And played with ALL of our toys.


And then it was time to go outside! I’ll just let these pictures speak for themselves…



This was at midnight, before we went to bed, shortly after the blizzard started. By the next morning, we couldn’t even get the door open.





The view from my front door. The snow is flush with the bottom of our screen, which is about two feet above the ground.



The people who do snow removal dug out just enough space to open the door on the day after the storm. This is Miss A standing in the little crevice they dug for us.



A tree right outside my front door.
Trying to make a snow angel in the super deep snow


Heading back up the hill they were sledding on



Funny/Cute things said by Miss A

I haven’t done this in awhile, but Miss A never fails to say some of the funniest things during the week. Here are some of this week’s funny/cute/sweet moments:


After I had a really, really bad day:
Miss A: You know why I want you to do my bath and bedtime? Because I love you the mostest.


Miss A: Hey mommy, where’d you get your necklace?
Me: The necklace store! (I couldn’t remember where I got it).
Miss A (to every random object in the room): Hey! Where’d you get this plate? The plate store? Where’d you get this shirt? The shirt store? Where’d you get this chicken nugget, the chicken nugget store? Oh wait! I have to go potty!
(goes potty, flushes, washes hands, sneaks back downstairs)
(peeks head around corner and motions for someone to come upstairs)
In totally serious voice: Where’d you get this toilet? The toilet store?


Miss A and Mr Dad were discussing the Super Bowl, which she says she wanted to watch.

First she asked if the Rays were playing, which was adorable.

Miss A: “Daddy, which team is the good guys and which team is the bad guys?”
Mr Dad: “Well, tonight the Ravens are the good guys and the 49ers are the bad guys.”
Miss A: “Oh, I hope the good guys win!”


Miss A has a picture book of old friends from Florida that I made for her before we moved. One night, she started insisting that she wanted to send the pictures of her and her “boyfriend” A back to him.

The next morning, Mr Dad was in her room picking out her clothes when she woke up. The first thing she said was, “Daddy? Remember you said we could send the pictures to A today?”

He eventually talked her down to only sending one picture, but also wanted to know why she was
so insistent that she had to send him a picture. Her answer? “Because I love him, and I miss him.”


This wasn’t something she said, but something she did:

Miss A runs in the kitchen, punches Mr Dad in the stomach, grabs the box of cookies off the counter, and runs off laughing. It was a mugging by preschooler!


Mr Dad, while puttingMiss A to bed: “I love you, sweetie. ”
Miss A (to Mr Dad): “I love you more. Also, I love you mostest. ”


Me: What was the best part of your day?
Miss A: Staying home with Daddy. (I was at the grocery store.)
Me: I’m so glad you had fun with Daddy!
Miss A: But you know what made me sad? When you weren’t here. I was a lot happy staying home with Daddy, but I was a little sad that you weren’t here.


Miss A, to Mr Dad: You know how I like you better? With your glasses on.


Miss A: (running upstairs) I’m going to turn off the lights!
(seconds pass)
Hey! Mommy! What did I say I was coming up here to do?

(Been there, done that kiddo!)


Mr Dad: “Alright,Miss A. I need you to just do
one thing for me and put on your shoes while I go start the car and take
the trash out.”
Miss A: “Awww, but that’s BORING!”


While watching She-Ra on Hulu Plus
Me: I used to watch this show when I was your age!
Miss A: How old was I when you were my age?


Miss A: “Mommy…I’m hungry. But I don’t want to eat.”
Me: Umm…I can’t help you there, kiddo.


Miss A: Did you know the hard part of your body is your skeleton?
(my goodness, she is smart!)


Said multiple times a day:
Miss A: I just want someone to SNUGGLE with me!


Finally, this, created as she was randomly laying out letter cards. Totally and 100% unplanned, unprompted and inappropriate. But funny. One day when she can read, this won’t be so funny.


Miss A can read!

Last weekend we were at Target, and because Miss A loves books so much, we cruised over to the kids books sections for her to entertain herself for a few minutes. I knew they had been learning a few “popcorn words” at school, but I had no idea she could do THIS.


I was pretty sure I was annoying the other people in the aisle by standing there and recording her, so I only caught a few moments, but she eventually read through this whole book, which she had never seen before.  She read each “regular” page and had Scott read what was under each of the “flips” (which is what she calls the “lift the flap” part of books). I was SO  impressed by her ability to read!

There were a few words that she got caught up on, but she even took the time to sound them out, letter by letter and syllable by syllable.

I am a proud, proud mama. My little girl is so smart! She’ll be at the top of her class when she starts kindergarten later this year!

Good thing I’m a quick thinker…

I live for Wednesdays. On Wednesdays, Mr. Dad works late and I get to pick up Miss A from school. If he’s working really late, we go do something fun, just the two of us. Tonight was dinner at a local restaurant, a trip to the Apple Store, and a trip to the scrapbooking store.

The scrapbooking store I went to tonight has some novelty books. First, she ran to the “Goodnight iPod book” all excited, thinking it was “Goodnight Moon”. Unfortunately, the other book she ran to was the “Go the Fuck to Sleep” book. Upon seeing it, thinking it was a kids book, her face LIT UP.

“Oooh Mommy! What’s this book called?” she asked.
“Um…’Go to Sleep.'” I replied.

She looked at me quizzically and then back at the book. Unfortunately…she can now READ. Which makes avoiding issues like this a lot more challenging.

“Go…the…ffff…ehh…hey mommy, what’s this F-word?” she asks.
“It’s a grown-up word.” I reply.
“Oh. Hey can you read this to me?” She asks.
“Hey! Look at this cute book with puppies over here!” I reply.

Whew. Quick thinking, Mommy. Quick thinking.

It did set the mood for the night, though, when I was trying to get her to go to bed and she was very loudly singing “I LIKE TO MOVE IT MOVE IT” over and over again. For ten minutes.

What is love?

…Oh baby, don’t hurt me
Don’t hurt me no more
Oh, baby don’t hurt me
Don’t hurt me no more…

Way back in 1983, I became a big sister. And I loved my little sister. Her name is S. She’s 29 now. When she was still a baby, sometimes, before my mom and dad would wake up, I would sneak into her room and talk to her. I very clearly remember on one occasion, telling her the definitions of every word I said to her, because I figured, “She’s a baby, she doesn’t know what these words mean!”

And I told her I loved her.

And I remember struggling to try to define “love”. I was three years old then.

Fast forward 29 years: I was reading Miss A a Princess and the Frog book at bedtime last night. At one point, it talked about how Tiana and Naveen found “true love”. She stops me, and asks, “What is true love?”

I replied, ‘It’s love that’s real.”

“What is love?” she asked.

And I found myself in that same place I was in 29 years ago, talking to my baby sister. I had no words to describe the wonderful, powerful emotion that love is. I tried keeping it simple, explaining that it’s a feeling, and there are all different kinds of love — the love we have for our friends, the way we love our pets, the way Mommy and Daddy love her, and the way she loves us, and the way we love each other.

She looked confused, so I kept going. I explained that Tiana and Naveen’s love meant they wanted to get married. She then asked, “What does it mean to get married?”

At this point, I’m pretty sure my brain exploded and I performed some circular logic. “Well, they loved each other. They wanted to be together forever because they loved each other. So they got married.”

“What does that mean?”

I basically repeated what I’d just said using different words. She still looked confused.

“Okay, Mommy. I think it’s time to keep reading.”

Don’t get me wrong, I love her questions, I love her inquisitive nature, and I love having these conversations with her. But I have to admit…I was really, really glad to be off the hook.


Returning to normal…

After a couple of crazy fun weeks with vacationing and visitors, we’re finally back to a normal routine this week! And I’m glad for it. I loved our vacation, but I really love the comfort of the day-to-day schedule.

Yesterday, Mr. Dad told me that Miss A has had a rough couple of mornings, crying when he dropped her off at school, so I took her this morning so I could try and see what might have been causing the trouble.

As we’re walking to her classroom, she says to me, “I cried yesterday because I didn’t want Daddy to drop me off, I only want YOU to drop me off, and daddy can pick me up.” So I guess that explains it? Either way, she was happy as could be when I dropped her off today.

After I left the classroom, I lurked around the corner for a minute so I could see if she would ease into the day’s activities after I left. Sure enough, she took a minute to get her bearings and then sat down on the floor next to her friend W and said, “Hi W! I missed you!” How sweet!

I have a lot of friends whose kids are starting Kindergarten this week and next. How can that be? How did our babies get so big? How is it possible that this time next year, MY baby will be a kindergartener? I am so proud of her…but I sure do wish I could slow down time.

Miss A’s 4th Birthday Party!

What a weekend! On Saturday we celebrated Miss A’s friend C’s birthday, and then on Sunday we celebrated Miss A’s birthday! Two parties in one weekend when you’re hosting one of them is a busy, busy weekend, but it was wonderful!

Miss A loved every second of her party! She had fourteen of her best friends from daycare come to the party, as well as her Grandpa J! They had such a blast, and at the end of the party, the owner of the place where we had her party complimented the kids on being so well behaved. She said she rarely sees a group of kids that play so well together and asked if they all went to daycare together, so we said yes, and she said they must do a good job there. To which Mr Dad replied, “For what we pay them, they better!” (SO true!)

Anyway, here’s some of the fun that was had!





Holding up 4 fingers because she’s 4 🙂


After we got home, she got to open her presents. At this point she really wasn’t feeling well. I knew she was starting to come down with something but was in good spirits so we didn’t cancel the party…and by the time we got home and she got about halfway through her presents, she was wiped out. She asked to take a bath and go to bed as soon as she finished, and was asleep before the sun went down which never happens. But, she still had so much fun. And we’re home resting today since she’s still not feeling well.
Happy birthday again, sweet Miss A!! I can’t believe this time next year she will be five! (And I’m not even going to think about that again until next May!)

Miss A and Mommy on Mother’s Day

Dear Miss A,
In 2008, you made me a mother. You arrived in my life, not just like a ray of light, but like a bolt of lightning, full of fire and energy and life. Over the past four years, I have watched you grow and have seen the world through your eyes, which has introduced me to a whole new way of living. From the moment you arrived, I wondered how I ever lived before you were here, because while life was good back then, it pales in comparison to the big life your dad and I share with you now. The way you embrace life, from the littlest details to the biggest of mountains has shown me what it truly means to live. As a child, you are, as you should be, always in the moment, which serves as a good reminder to me to always remain present. This morning, you came bounding into my room full of energy, so proud to present me with breakfast in bed, a card you signed yourself, and a box of chocolates (that you picked out yourself!). You wished me a Happy Mother’s Day, and while I am tremendously grateful for those tokens of your love, what I am truly thankful for is that you are in my life. You are a wonderful, smart, talented, beautiful, sweet and loving little girl. Every day you make me proud to be your mother and having you as my daughter is greater than any gift I could have ever hoped for.

Love always,