8w1d – 31w6d to go

I feel like I’m getting off the hook easy. “They” say (in all my pregnancy books) that around week 8 is when you feel the worst. I’m now past the 8 week mark, and I feel BETTER than I have in weeks! I’m still fatigued and a little nauseous at times, but for the most part I feel like I’m through the worst of it. Maybe it’s because I was so sick during weeks 5 and 6 (and some of 7!) that now that the cold/pneumonia is over, I just don’t feel as horrible.

That said, last night I actually puked for the first time…at night, no less. I was feeling really tired and feeling a bit nauseated so I laid down with a book, a glass of water, and some gummi bears (my craving of choice for this week). I started coughing (the last lingering bit of the pneumonia) and I guess it just triggered the nausea and blammo. I bet if I hadn’t had a coughing fit I would have been fine, though.

I’m also still really scatterbrained. Not such a good thing when I am still fairly new at my job and I’m struggling to make a good impression. By 3pm, I am so tired that I can barely function anymore, so I scramble to get everything I can get done before then. My very nice co-worker Christine has had to remind me a few times about things I should remember (like, things I do EVERY DAY) and it’s embarrassing, but she’s a mom of two and just laughs and says “pregnancy brain!” so it makes it not as bad.

Another fun realization – as of yesterday, I’m officially TWO MONTHS pregnant! Wow! That’s 2/3 through the first trimester! Seven more months to go. That seems like such a long time but if it goes anything like the last two months have, it will FLY by – I’m kind of afraid of that! I want to remember and enjoy as much of this experience as I can, since I have waited so long for it!

7w1d – 32w, 6 days left!

I had my “second” ultrasound today! Boy oh boy, today’s was so much more fun than the last one!

Before I get into the results, let me tell you, it should be considered cruel and unusual punishment to make a pregnant lady drink 32 ounces of water and hold it for an hour and a half – and then push on her bladder with the ultrasound device! They make you do this to push the baby closer to the surface. I was so glad that after a few minutes, she told me that they weren’t going to be able to see the baby that way and that I needed to go to the bathroom so they could do an internal ultrasound! Oh my God, such relief!! I actually had to go twice after, once during the internal ultrasound because it got too full again and was making it hard to see the baby.

But now, on to the good stuff!

First and foremost – after much questioning of my due date (thanks to my history of irregular cycles) we got the due date confirmed. Guess what? I was right on! Baby is due May 29th!

Also – VERY exciting – not only did we get to see the heartbeat, we actually HEARD it…I had no idea you could at seven weeks! The tech showed us on the screen and then turned the doppler on…135 bpm! It was so exciting!

At my last ultrasound, they found a mass on one of my ovaries that was causing some concern. It was still there today, but the doctor gave me an explanation (finally!) It’s something called a corpus luteum – it’s a cyst that is supposed to be there during early pregnancy to help support the baby. So it’s a good thing, it’s a normal size, its supposed to be there, and will go away on it’s own when it’s no longer needed. VERY good news!

My only real worry now is that the doctor told me based on my weight, they don’t want me to gain anything at all (maybe 5-10 pounds max) so that’s going to be a challenge. But he said eat plenty of healthy stuff and exercise so I guess it’s possible.

The morning sickness and food aversions are in full effect, though. This morning I ate two bites of a Special K bar to try and quell the nausea before I couldn’t stand it anymore and almost gagged. Then, for lunch, I tried to eat the frozen meal I had brought (a Kashi frozen meal – Chicken Pasta Pomodoro, which I normally love!) and I choked on the first bite. It tasted AWFUL. Like when you lick the end of a nine volt battery awful.

But, all the food aversions and nausea are totally worth it to have this baby be healthy and strong! I joked with Scott – I told him the baby looks like him…haha! And then when I showed the pictures off at work, my co-worker Mat told me that the baby has my hair (though there is no way to tell!)…it’s so fun to imagine all these possibilities!

I promise, soon I will get the images scanned in! We got three new ones today so I am excited to show them off!

5w, 4d – 34w, 3d to go!

What a weekend it has been! For the first weekend in a long time, I literally did nothing. I haven’t gotten out of my pajamas since Friday night.

This isn’t because I’m lazy, though. It’s because I’ve been sick, and not the “good” pregnancy sick. I’m talking the “I-sat-in-too-many-doctors-waiting-rooms-and-picked-something-up” sick.

I started coming down with it on Thursday, after sitting in the LabCorp lobby for almost an hour waiting to get blood drawn for my second labs. My only problem is a really bad cough, and for a short time yesterday, I had a fever of about 101, but it only lasted a few hours and my temperature has been normal otherwise.

But oh, what a horrible thing to have a fever while pregnant. You’re already hot, sticky, and sweaty – add chills and body aches to that and it’s just all around miserable. Thank god for Tylenol and cold showers – they made my life tolerable yesterday.

But, I’m on the mend now, feeling 100% better than yesterday.

One thing that pregnancy has done to me is make me obsessive about every little thing, though. Every twinge, ache, muscle spasm, gas pain, I worry something is wrong. At four in the morning I was reading through my pregnancy books and searching on google, making sure that having a fever wasn’t going to hurt the baby (it won’t). Part of me was tempted to go down to the ER (in fact I was almost definitely going if the fever hadn’t broken by this morning). I am not a hypochondriac by any means – I’m cautious but not usually obsessive. Here’s to 18 more years of that. 🙂

Otherwise, I have had it pretty easy so far. I guess it’s still fairly early to be counting my blessings, but I’ve only felt sick once, and I haven’t had any emotional meltdowns (though to say that the waiting between my two blood tests was nerve wracking would be an understatement).

One thing I did learn the hard way this week was in terms of fast food. On Thursday, I had the appointment in the morning, then had to run from one job to the second job and work until 9:30 – but I had hardly had time to eat, thanks to the doctor’s appointment making me late for work. So I stopped at McDonalds and grabbed a happy meal – quick, but small enough that I wouldn’t stuff myself and feel sick.

Too bad THAT plan didn’t work! After eating salads and grilled chicken and healthy foods, the “evil” in the McDonalds food worked it’s magic on me in a way that I was totally unprepared for. By the time I got to my night job, I felt utterly wretched. I read up this later on (again, with the obsessiveness and paranoia!) and learned that a pregnant body gets rid of anything that it deems unhealthy as quickly as possible.

So that’s two things that are on my list of permanent food aversions – the first was tuna fish (which I can’t even LOOK at without feeling repulsed), and McDonalds.

And I’ll leave you all with this: Salad = Good, McD’s = Bad.

I’ll also get the first ultrasound picture posted as soon as I can. For now, here’s an adorable picture of my 9 month old nephew, Willy, that my sister just posted today.

5w, 2d – 34w, 5d to go!

Multiple home tests, blood tests, and now an ultrasound have confirmed – baby #1 is on the way!

Baby AJ is due around May 29, 2008!

My 48 hour repeat beta HCG results were in this morning – after much frustration and miscommunication between the two doctors I saw this week, it was good news! The HCG level more than doubled – a sign of a very healthy baby!

The doctor said it would still be too soon to see the baby on an ultrasound (Tuesday’s ultrasound at Winnie Palmer just showed a tiny gestational sac). The next ultrasound will be on October 11th (bumped up from the original date of 10/24), so I’ll have more excitement to share then! This is when we’ll get a more definite idea of a due date, but for now, I’m sticking with May 29th!