I love birthdays. Not because of the presents and stuff like that (though those are great) but because I’m always reminded on birthdays how wonderful my friends and family are.

Birthdays are also great, especially for me because mine is so close to the middle of the year because they’re like a second new year’s celebration. A time for reflection. This one has been particularly introspective for some reason. I’m not sure what’s been driving it, but I’ve been feeling the need to be more grateful. In all honesty, my life is great. I may not have the home I want (we’re apartment dwellers) or the second baby I want or the savings account size that I want. What I do have is a wonderful family, wonderful friends, a job that keeps me on my toes, a freelance business that’s taking off, a doting husband and a daughter who is as sweet as sugar.

My only real goals for this next year of my life are to find gratitude and to improve my health.

And with that — THANK YOU to everyone who made this birthday so wonderful. Whether it was a phone call, a gift, a “Happy Birthday” in person, or a birthday wish on Facebook, you have all made my day, and I love every one of you so much.

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