It’s Take Your Sons and Daughters to Work Day…

…and the halls here are filled with the sound of silence.

I considered packing up my almost-11 month old and bringing her with me this morning, but alas, it was “Rock Star” day at daycare, and she was dressed the part, so off she went to school while I went to work.

When I was growing up, today was known as “Take your daughter to work day” and the day was used to introduce girls to a variety of careers. Today, parents of sons and daughters can bring their children to work thanks to changes in the program.

I remember growing up, going to work with my dad a few times and how much fun it was. When I was in school, my dream was to be a computer programmer (and a singer and an actress but then I grew up and became more realistic). My dad worked in this industry, so going with him was beneficial to me. I got a feel for what the workplace in this industry was like, and got to know the part of my dad that existed outside of the house.

Ultimately my career path took a very different direction…I got my degree in computer programming but decided it was very much not for me. But I am grateful, in retrospect, to have had that opportunity.

In a few years, when my daughter is old enough, hopefully she will want to see what mom and/or dad are like in the office.

Other parents out there – did you bring your children to work with you today? How was it?

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