7w1d – 32w, 6 days left!

I had my “second” ultrasound today! Boy oh boy, today’s was so much more fun than the last one!

Before I get into the results, let me tell you, it should be considered cruel and unusual punishment to make a pregnant lady drink 32 ounces of water and hold it for an hour and a half – and then push on her bladder with the ultrasound device! They make you do this to push the baby closer to the surface. I was so glad that after a few minutes, she told me that they weren’t going to be able to see the baby that way and that I needed to go to the bathroom so they could do an internal ultrasound! Oh my God, such relief!! I actually had to go twice after, once during the internal ultrasound because it got too full again and was making it hard to see the baby.

But now, on to the good stuff!

First and foremost – after much questioning of my due date (thanks to my history of irregular cycles) we got the due date confirmed. Guess what? I was right on! Baby is due May 29th!

Also – VERY exciting – not only did we get to see the heartbeat, we actually HEARD it…I had no idea you could at seven weeks! The tech showed us on the screen and then turned the doppler on…135 bpm! It was so exciting!

At my last ultrasound, they found a mass on one of my ovaries that was causing some concern. It was still there today, but the doctor gave me an explanation (finally!) It’s something called a corpus luteum – it’s a cyst that is supposed to be there during early pregnancy to help support the baby. So it’s a good thing, it’s a normal size, its supposed to be there, and will go away on it’s own when it’s no longer needed. VERY good news!

My only real worry now is that the doctor told me based on my weight, they don’t want me to gain anything at all (maybe 5-10 pounds max) so that’s going to be a challenge. But he said eat plenty of healthy stuff and exercise so I guess it’s possible.

The morning sickness and food aversions are in full effect, though. This morning I ate two bites of a Special K bar to try and quell the nausea before I couldn’t stand it anymore and almost gagged. Then, for lunch, I tried to eat the frozen meal I had brought (a Kashi frozen meal – Chicken Pasta Pomodoro, which I normally love!) and I choked on the first bite. It tasted AWFUL. Like when you lick the end of a nine volt battery awful.

But, all the food aversions and nausea are totally worth it to have this baby be healthy and strong! I joked with Scott – I told him the baby looks like him…haha! And then when I showed the pictures off at work, my co-worker Mat told me that the baby has my hair (though there is no way to tell!)…it’s so fun to imagine all these possibilities!

I promise, soon I will get the images scanned in! We got three new ones today so I am excited to show them off!

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