Champagne Taste

My girl has it.

Last Friday I took her out to dinner for a mommy/daughter date, and afterward, we went to Sears to look for some summery clothes for the trip we’re taking at the end of the month. On the way out, she noticed a table of perfumes — and singled out a bottle of Coach Poppy.

“Mmmm! This smells good, Mommy! Smell it!” she said, lifting the tester up to her nose. And so I did. And then I coaxed her over to the cash register so we could pay for our purchases and leave.

As we’re walking out, we walk past the table with the Coach perfumes again.

“Mommy? Can we buy that next time we’re here?” she asked. I crouched down next to her and pointed to the sign.

“That says $65. Do you have $65?” I asked.
She shook her head.
“Here, why don’t I put just a tiny bit on you so you can enjoy it for now? $65 is a lot of money!” I said and sprayed a bit of the tester on her tiny wrist.

She was overjoyed.

The next day we went to Target as a family, and I was relaying the above story to Mr. Dad. She was listening intently and looking up at me with those beautiful brown eyes and I said, jokingly, “You’re going to need to marry a rich man!”

And what did my little princess reply?

“Yes! I’m going to marry a rich man! Like DADDY!”

I think we both simultaneously busted a gut laughing.
(And I fear for her future boyfriends!)


  1. hahaha. Great story! My daughter and myself both have rich taste. It's a curse, I swear it is! I'm going to have to check out this coach parfume! =)

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