How a Vegetarian Does Memorial Day

Memorial Day Sale!

Someone asked me the other day what I plan to do for Memorial Day, since I’m a vegetarian and all. It’s a valid question. Being a holiday that’s synonymous with barbeque, it’s relevant to question what a veggie chick does for food while her carnivorous friends are downing gobs of animal flesh. (I’m saying that with a bit of sarcasm. I still love you, my meat-eating friends!)

I wish I had some groundbreaking answer, but the truth is, it’s simple. I’ll be enjoying some barbeque, veggie-burger style. Yes, friends, you can put those Boca or MorningStar Farms burgers right there on the grill, next to your friend’s hamburger. (If you’re a more sensitive veggie, make sure to put your burger on foil so it doesn’t touch the meat juice!)

Fortunately, the barbeque we’re going to is at the house of a friend who is also vegetarian, so I will not be short on company!

We’ll also be wrapping up the evening with some cupcakes to celebrate Miss A’s birthday. Her official party isn’t until next weekend, but it’ll be nice…and I know she’ll be excited ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope you all have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend! And keep our vets in mind…give them some gratitude, and hold in your heart the families who are missing a loved one who is no longer with them.

What could be blue?

About a week ago, I was reading Miss A one of her favorite books at bedtime (On the Day You Were Born), and in it there was a picture of something blue. Mid-sentence she stops me, saying “Wait. Wait, wait.”

“What is it, honey?”
“Whales can be blue!”
“Oh, you’re right, whales can be blue.”
“Hmm. What else can be blue? Oh! Shoes can be blue!”
“You’re right! What else is blue?”
“The sky can be blue! The carpet can be blue! Crayons can be blue! Cars can be blue!”
etc, etc, etc.

Ever since that day, if you show her something blue, she will launch into a long conversation about the many different things that can be blue.

As a result of this, I’ve also learned a few things I never knew before: Cats can be blue, brown dogs can be blue, people’s noses can be blue, paint can be blue, Dora the Explorer can be blue, and zebras can be blue.

Oh, but it doesn’t stop there my friends! She continued this trend and expanded onto rectangles. Did you know rectangles can be blue? And that doors are rectangles, ceilings are rectangles, carpets are rectangles, books are rectangles, and feet are rectangles?

I love the almost three year old imagination. She has become so creative!

This new imagination is not without its drawbacks, though. I pretended to turn her into a cat with a magic wand the other day. She said: “I’m not a cat, I’m Miss A!”

I replied, “What’s that? All I hear is, meow, meow, meow!”

She burst into tears, ran out of the room and threw herself on the floor, sobbing, because she actually believed I had turned her into a cat. Whoops.

Good thing that magic wand could turn her back into Miss A.

She’s a mama’s girl…

For the first time in her little life, Miss A has become a mommy’s girl.

Let me step back and give a little background. From day one, Miss A was always a Daddy’s girl. When she was a colicky infant, he could comfort her quicker than I could. As a young toddler, she waited with baited breath for him to come home from work. She loves her Daddy with the fierceness of a lion.

But the past couple of weeks, she has been all about mommy. She now comes to me and asks to snuggle. My little non-affectionate kiddo actually wants to snuggle! But only with me. (And yep, she’s still stingy with those hugs and kisses.) Her daddy will come home and she’ll tell him to leave. The other night, we were getting ready for bed and she saw that I was getting her bath ready and said, “You’re going to do my bath time and story? Oh, YAY!” The other night, I asked her if she wanted to go to the zoo with Mommy and Daddy, and she said “Yeah, but just Mommy.”

Now, she obviously still loves her Daddy. She gave him a kiss goodnight last night (I didn’t get one) and said she loves him. And when we’re home alone together she asks where he is. I have to admit, though…it is nice to finally be getting a bit of that mother-daughter bond going. I hope it lasts.

The paradoxical terrible twos

It hit me the other day how paradoxical the emotions you have can be when you have a toddler in the terrible twos.

Take for example this past Sunday. Miss A is so two years old, and the day went pretty much like this…

  • Wake up
  • Miss A wakes up.
  • Miss A screams to get dressed.
  • Miss A refuses to put clothes on.
  • Miss A runs around naked.
  • Mommy pins Miss A down and (gently) forces her diaper and clothes on.
  • Miss A and I spend some time playing and getting fully woken up. Mr. Dad asks her what she wants for breakfast.
  • Miss A screams for waffles. Mr. Dad makes one for her.
  • Miss A refuses to eat the waffles she so adamantly wanted 30 seconds before and demands cereal instead.
  • Miss A eats no breakfast! (Not because we took it away, but because she told me she doesn’t LIKE waffles. Since when?? Little stinker :))
  • We drive to church. Miss A is being very cute and singing in the back seat. We sing along. She points out all of the Christmas trees and Santas and Frostys along the road the whole way there which is pretty much one of the cutest things ever.
  • Miss A screams to go to the church nursery.
  • Miss A screams that she doesn’t want us to leave the nursery.
  • Miss A yells at us to “Go away!”
  • Church is over, we pick her up and head home (peacefully). We’re all happy to be back together!
  • Ask her what she wants for lunch: “NOTHING! I no WANT lunch!”
  • Home. Pasta. I cut coupons and prepare a list for the grocery store.
  • Miss A throws her pasta in my face and climbs down from her chair and tries to grab my scissors. And screams when I don’t let her have them. (She yells, “I want to cut coupons my big self!”)
  • Miss A goes down for nap. I go grocery shopping.
  • I get home, Miss A has refused to nap and is playing blocks with Daddy. She is very happy to see me. I give her big hugs and kisses.
  • I put the groceries away and then we go to the mall (complete with adorable cheez-its outburst) and have super happy fun time because she goes on a choo choo train with Mommy and thinks its the best thing ever. (And likewise, it warmed my heart to see her SO happy!) She also plays on the mall playground and then gets frooshpunsh (fruit punch).
  • We have to run into Target for something. Miss A screams “No WANT to go to Target!”
  • We finish at Target. Miss A screams “No WANT to go home, I just want to stay at TARGET!”
  • We get home. Mr. Dad cooks dinner. Miss A and I play and snuggle and enjoy a little quiet time.
  • Miss A eats her dinner and tries to eat mine too.
  • We finish dinner, Mr. Dad goes to run her bath. I take a minute just to answer a quick email. In that minute, Miss A grabs Mr. Dad’s PSP (portable gaming system, for those not in the know), throws it across the kitchen.
  • I tell her to go to time out for throwing. She says no. She grabs Mr. Dad’s (closed) can of soda. I grab for the can of soda and try to get it out of her hand and then in the struggle I realize that if she slips she could get hurt so I let go and gently sit her down.
  • Before I can even react, she hurls the soda can across the room…it bursts over and sprays all 12 ounces of diet cola all over our light blue carpet. Miss A laughs. I look at Mr. Dad and he looks at her and says, “That is NOT funny!”
  • I insist it’s bath time. NOW. Mr. Dad cleans the carpet. Miss A joyfully climbs in the tub, we play and sing songs with minimal toddler outbursts. Then she gets bored and fills up her rinsing cup and throws it in my face for the third time (she’s already been warned twice to keep the water IN the tub or bath time would be over.)
  • I pull her up out of the tub and she screams “NOOOOOO I just wanna stay IN!”
  • We brush teeth. She yells at me to leave. I tell her I have to stay to keep an eye on her so she’s safe. She hits me. I give her the cup to rinse and spit.
  • We head to the bedroom. She refuses to get dressed. She runs around naked (again). She screams at me every time I get close to “go away”. I grab her and force her into diaper and clothes and tell her to get her wubby.
  • We read stories. She tells me she had the best day ever and that she had fun at the choo choo and at the playground. She insists on giving me two huge kisses and hugs. She says, “Love you Mommy, goodnight, see you morning, has sweet dreams!”

I close her door, breathe for a second and say to Mr. Dad…”That little girl is the most wonderful little person in the world. I love her so much.”

Having a very strong-willed two-year-old reminds me on a regular basis that it is possible for someone to be both the most frustrating person in your life and the most amazing.