Miss A can read!

Last weekend we were at Target, and because Miss A loves books so much, we cruised over to the kids books sections for her to entertain herself for a few minutes. I knew they had been learning a few “popcorn words” at school, but I had no idea she could do THIS.


I was pretty sure I was annoying the other people in the aisle by standing there and recording her, so I only caught a few moments, but she eventually read through this whole book, which she had never seen before.  She read each “regular” page and had Scott read what was under each of the “flips” (which is what she calls the “lift the flap” part of books). I was SO  impressed by her ability to read!

There were a few words that she got caught up on, but she even took the time to sound them out, letter by letter and syllable by syllable.

I am a proud, proud mama. My little girl is so smart! She’ll be at the top of her class when she starts kindergarten later this year!

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