American Doll Room Dollhouses For American Girl Dolls

Miss A has been going through a bit of a baby doll phase lately. She just loves to get out her dolls and dress them up, feed and rock them, and put them in a stroller and push them around. I love seeing her imagination come to life, so when I saw American Doll Room, I knew I had to give one a try.

First and foremost, American Doll Room is a family owned business, operated by the owner and her daughters, which I think is wonderful! I love supporting small businesses, that’s what the American Dream is all about! So that automatically caught my attention, before seeing how cool these rooms are.

American Doll Rooms are great for any 18 inch doll, including American Girl Dolls, but can really be used with any doll of any size. We don’t have an American Girl doll, but one of Miss A’s favorites is her 18″ Tangled Doll, so when she was playing with her American Doll Room, that’s the one she used. We received the Tangerine room, which came with white curtains and white carpet.

It seems like Miss A really enjoyed playing with the room. She even found some “creative” ways to use the carpeting. It definitely held her attention.

She put up the curtains herself!



She tucked her doll into the carpet!



Then she took a nap with her doll.This should give you a good idea of the size of the room —
Miss A is an average sized 4 year old!

I was really impressed by the quality of the dollhouses. They’re quite large so it really simulates a scale-appropriate room for an 18″ doll. They’re super quick to put together and really easy to store. They do just what the website says — Flip, Play, Fold, Carry. There is zero assembly required — it just pops up and is ready for play!

Just look at how thin it folds down! As you can see in the images, Miss A’s room is cluttered enough as it is, so I love how it can slide in the corner beside her dresser.


The only thing I found confusing was that the website shows the rooms with furniture — they do not actually come with the furniture, however, they do come with real cloth curtains and real carpet (it seems like good quality carpet to me, also). The rooms sell for $89/each, and you can purchase separately or purchase collections of rooms for an additional cost to build your own modular dollhouse. You can also purchase additional carpet colors and other accessories.

For a limited time, if you order an American Doll Room, you will also get a free duffel bag! This would be great for carrying around her dolls and accessories, or for packing for a sleepover. American Doll Room really makes a great dollhouse that would be a great gift (think of Christmas!) for the special little girl in your life (and her dollies, too)!

Disclaimer: I received product for review free of charge from American Doll Room, however, the opinions in this post are mine and are not influenced by receipt of the free product. Thank you to American Doll Room for the opportunity to do this review!

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