Almost Naked Animals is Fun Kids Television Entertainment – Review

Miss A loves television. Maybe that makes me a bad mom, maybe not? But when she comes home from school, she’s been on the go all day, learning, playing, creating, thinking, socializing, and when she comes home she needs time to just unwind, so we put on the TV for a half hour or so and let her have that time to herself. Some of her favorite shows include Dora the Explorer, My Little Pony, and Spongebob Squarepants.

Since she’s seen the same episodes of these shows a million times, we were looking for something new for her to watch, and recently got a copy of the Almost Naked Animals It’s My Party DVD for Miss A to preview, along with a fun gift pack. Made by the same people who created Fish Hooks, it’s a really fun TV show about some animals who operate a hotel called the Banana Cabana and the adventures they encounter along the way.

At first, I wasn’t sure if the show would really capture Miss A attention, since it’s geared toward kids over the age of 6, but she has asked to watch the show several times! She especially loves that there is a character called Narwhal. She learned about narwhals at school so she thinks it’s super cool to see one in a cartoon!

The Almost Naked Animals: It’s My Party DVD will be released for purchase on September 25, 2012, so keep an eye out for it!

As a parent, I found the show as entertaining as someone 20+ years over the intended audience would, and although the humor could be a tiny bit crude at times (occasional mentions of potty talk and such), there wasn’t anything I found objectionable about the show.

Later this month, there will also be a fun interactive Almost Naked Animals game launching on their website, so if your kids are into the show, check it out!

Disclosure: I received a gift pack for review from Child’s Play Communications for purposes of this review. All commentary in this review is my opinion and has not been influenced by receipt of the free product. Thanks to Child’s Play Communications for this review opportunity!


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