8w1d – 31w6d to go

I feel like I’m getting off the hook easy. “They” say (in all my pregnancy books) that around week 8 is when you feel the worst. I’m now past the 8 week mark, and I feel BETTER than I have in weeks! I’m still fatigued and a little nauseous at times, but for the most part I feel like I’m through the worst of it. Maybe it’s because I was so sick during weeks 5 and 6 (and some of 7!) that now that the cold/pneumonia is over, I just don’t feel as horrible.

That said, last night I actually puked for the first time…at night, no less. I was feeling really tired and feeling a bit nauseated so I laid down with a book, a glass of water, and some gummi bears (my craving of choice for this week). I started coughing (the last lingering bit of the pneumonia) and I guess it just triggered the nausea and blammo. I bet if I hadn’t had a coughing fit I would have been fine, though.

I’m also still really scatterbrained. Not such a good thing when I am still fairly new at my job and I’m struggling to make a good impression. By 3pm, I am so tired that I can barely function anymore, so I scramble to get everything I can get done before then. My very nice co-worker Christine has had to remind me a few times about things I should remember (like, things I do EVERY DAY) and it’s embarrassing, but she’s a mom of two and just laughs and says “pregnancy brain!” so it makes it not as bad.

Another fun realization – as of yesterday, I’m officially TWO MONTHS pregnant! Wow! That’s 2/3 through the first trimester! Seven more months to go. That seems like such a long time but if it goes anything like the last two months have, it will FLY by – I’m kind of afraid of that! I want to remember and enjoy as much of this experience as I can, since I have waited so long for it!

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