5w, 4d – 34w, 3d to go!

What a weekend it has been! For the first weekend in a long time, I literally did nothing. I haven’t gotten out of my pajamas since Friday night.

This isn’t because I’m lazy, though. It’s because I’ve been sick, and not the “good” pregnancy sick. I’m talking the “I-sat-in-too-many-doctors-waiting-rooms-and-picked-something-up” sick.

I started coming down with it on Thursday, after sitting in the LabCorp lobby for almost an hour waiting to get blood drawn for my second labs. My only problem is a really bad cough, and for a short time yesterday, I had a fever of about 101, but it only lasted a few hours and my temperature has been normal otherwise.

But oh, what a horrible thing to have a fever while pregnant. You’re already hot, sticky, and sweaty – add chills and body aches to that and it’s just all around miserable. Thank god for Tylenol and cold showers – they made my life tolerable yesterday.

But, I’m on the mend now, feeling 100% better than yesterday.

One thing that pregnancy has done to me is make me obsessive about every little thing, though. Every twinge, ache, muscle spasm, gas pain, I worry something is wrong. At four in the morning I was reading through my pregnancy books and searching on google, making sure that having a fever wasn’t going to hurt the baby (it won’t). Part of me was tempted to go down to the ER (in fact I was almost definitely going if the fever hadn’t broken by this morning). I am not a hypochondriac by any means – I’m cautious but not usually obsessive. Here’s to 18 more years of that. 🙂

Otherwise, I have had it pretty easy so far. I guess it’s still fairly early to be counting my blessings, but I’ve only felt sick once, and I haven’t had any emotional meltdowns (though to say that the waiting between my two blood tests was nerve wracking would be an understatement).

One thing I did learn the hard way this week was in terms of fast food. On Thursday, I had the appointment in the morning, then had to run from one job to the second job and work until 9:30 – but I had hardly had time to eat, thanks to the doctor’s appointment making me late for work. So I stopped at McDonalds and grabbed a happy meal – quick, but small enough that I wouldn’t stuff myself and feel sick.

Too bad THAT plan didn’t work! After eating salads and grilled chicken and healthy foods, the “evil” in the McDonalds food worked it’s magic on me in a way that I was totally unprepared for. By the time I got to my night job, I felt utterly wretched. I read up this later on (again, with the obsessiveness and paranoia!) and learned that a pregnant body gets rid of anything that it deems unhealthy as quickly as possible.

So that’s two things that are on my list of permanent food aversions – the first was tuna fish (which I can’t even LOOK at without feeling repulsed), and McDonalds.

And I’ll leave you all with this: Salad = Good, McD’s = Bad.

I’ll also get the first ultrasound picture posted as soon as I can. For now, here’s an adorable picture of my 9 month old nephew, Willy, that my sister just posted today.

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