5w, 2d – 34w, 5d to go!

Multiple home tests, blood tests, and now an ultrasound have confirmed – baby #1 is on the way!

Baby AJ is due around May 29, 2008!

My 48 hour repeat beta HCG results were in this morning – after much frustration and miscommunication between the two doctors I saw this week, it was good news! The HCG level more than doubled – a sign of a very healthy baby!

The doctor said it would still be too soon to see the baby on an ultrasound (Tuesday’s ultrasound at Winnie Palmer just showed a tiny gestational sac). The next ultrasound will be on October 11th (bumped up from the original date of 10/24), so I’ll have more excitement to share then! This is when we’ll get a more definite idea of a due date, but for now, I’m sticking with May 29th!

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