39w6d – 1d to go! The LAST pre-baby blog post!

We’re headed in to be induced tonight! I have high expectations for the process. We had our last NST yesterday and the baby looked good (though we caught her at sleepy time…had to wake her up with a big glass of cold lemonade) and we also discovered that the moderate pain/cramping I had been having was contractions…much bigger contractions than the last time the NST picked up on it. And wow did I feel them!

I also asked Diane to do an internal, which she thought was kind of silly since we’re just headed in to be induced today anyway, but I know that if you’ve made “progress”, the induction is less likely to fail and result in c-section, and I needed to know for my own peace of mind. So, she did it and we were both pleasantly surprised…I was a fingertip dilated and 80% effaced. So that means that the contractions were doing their job!

Unfortunately I came home and took a nap and they stopped. Boo for that, I was hoping to wind up in labor!

But, at least I got a good amount of rest last night…slept great between the nap and my regular night’s sleep. I feel totally refreshed right now. Scott reassembled the pack n’ play and set up the basinette part of it last night, so it’s all set for us to bring Angelica home (she’s rooming in with us for at least the first few weeks).

Wish us luck! Next time you hear from me, we’ll be parents!


  1. Hey Andrea!
    I have been keeping up with your blog and am SO excited the time has come. I completely feel where you are and what you are about to go through. After having 3 in a row its nice to read about someone elses experience for a change! Anyway, I can’t wait to hear how it all went. Its not going to be a walk in the park but you are at the end! (Of this phase anyway…) Good Luck tonight! Oh….and Scott….get ready for the rest of your life! 🙂
    -Elizabeth Luchenbill

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