38w5d – 1w2d to go (12 days to induction) – Part 2

Just got back from the doctor.

Sadly, no news to report. The NST went very well…Angelica cooperated better this time than last time (guess she was sleepier last week). Ultrasound looked GREAT again, in fact, AFI was up to almost 9 (it was still around 6-7 last week).

Dr. Wilson scheduled me for another appointment for next Tuesday…crossing my fingers that we won’t make it that far! Also, he’s having me call and officially schedule the induction for June 2nd tomorrow. Hopefully that won’t be necessary either.

That’s really all…I’m gonna go finish up some work now so that I can rest. I’ve had the worst heartburn today, and I’m getting over (yet another) cold. Boo.

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