37w6d – 2w1d to go!

The NST went fine today. The nurse commented that it picked up a few contractions. YAY. I am still feeling them. In fact, I’m feeling one right now, and I’m starting to feel them in my back as well (could be my uncomfortable chair, could be labor!) so now I at least know I’m NOT imagining these contractions.

The amnio check also went well – I didn’t ask numbers, but Dr. Cascio said that it looked better this time than the last time and she could tell I was following orders. Thank goodness for that. She also said that Dr. Fuentes strongly recommended inducing me between 38-39 weeks, but she was still not convinced it was the right thing to do. So we scheduled an induction date – after my due date (June 2nd), with the caveat that if the amniotic fluid levels drop to 5 again, that’s the day we’ll be inducing. So anyone who prays, pray for the level to stay the same!

She was really happy to hear that I was having contractions, because she knows how badly I want to go into labor on my own, and she wants me to also.

Some notes about the NST. Not really much to worry about. They strap a monitor to you and have you lay there and listen to the baby’s heart for 20 minutes. The worst part about it was that they had me lay flat on my back, which is something I haven’t done in about 6 months, nor have I had a desire to, because the baby puts too much weight on my back and it hurts. The only other bad thing about it was when a contraction hit and I couldn’t move into a comfortable position. Otherwise, it was kind of nice…just laying there, feeling the baby move around, hearing her heartbeat.

Also, this was REALLY cool during the ultrasound…Dr. Cascio homed in on her chest, and you could totally see her chest expanding and contracting. She’s practicing breathing!!

Alright, that’s enough of an update. Everyone cross your fingers that these contractions turn into something REAL! And soon! If I’m still having these little annoying contractions in three more weeks, I am gonna be one unhappy mama (they’re already making me even more cranky than I was before!)

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