37w4d – 2w3d to go! (17 days!)

Mother’s Day has come and gone, and I have no baby yet.

I had an appointment with Dr. Cascio today – Angelica is apparently way down now. She did an internal exam (which, by the way, was nowhere NEAR as pleasant as last week’s – this one actually HURT) and she could feel the her little head! So no wonder I feel like someone kicked me in the crotch really hard. I feel so bruised! But at least I know that, in spite of the fact that there is no dilation yet (boo) that she is still moving toward the exit.

Dr. Fuentes sent over his evaluation of last week’s final growth ultrasound, along with the recommendation to induce labor between 38 and 39 weeks (next week!), but imagine my relief when Dr. Cascio said she wasn’t sure if that was the best idea. I told her I agreed with her, and about my desire for a med-free birth, and she said she would prefer if I go naturally as well. She said she wanted to talk things over with Dr. Wilson and see if he thought I should be induced, and they would get in touch with me.

So, I got a call a little bit ago from their receptionist. They want to hold off on the induction, and scheduled me for another ultrasound to check the fluid, and for a non-stress test – both taking place on Wednesday. They also went ahead and scheduled me for a second amnio check and NST for NEXT Tuesday. I was so concerned about these doctors wanting to push me into an induction or c-section after some things they said at my last couple of visits, so I am really relieved that they are taking this course of action. (Of course, if the ultrasound or the NST give poor results, they’ll do what’s necessary, and I’m completely okay with that – if there is a risk to the baby, I will gladly sacrifice the natural, med-free birth if it means induction or c-section will result in a healthy baby).

I somehow don’t forsee making it to next Tuesday’s appointment though. If the amount of pressure I’ve been feeling is any indication of how soon I’ll go into labor, it’ll be sometime this week. I’ve been feeling a few times like she is just trying to push her way out now, but can’t because everything is still closed up. But we’ll see.

Alright, back to work now!

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